The Fellowship of Recovery

on Monday, 21 September 2015. Posted in Live Meetings, 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

"Even if we succeed to stop acting out, it won't solve our problems..."

The G-d Hole

on Sunday, 23 August 2015. Posted in Step 1, 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

At the end of the day, our deep yearnings and pain are our biggest blessings...

The Great Curse of Addiction

on Sunday, 04 October 2015. Posted in 12 Step Attitude

Chuck C says...

The Great Irony

on Wednesday, 16 September 2015. Posted in Step 1, The Steps

"It is only to admitting powerlessness that we are able to ultimately find true freedom!"

The Only Thing That Matters

on Sunday, 23 August 2015. Posted in Step 1, Inspiration , 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

For an addict, trying to avoid or overpower their drug in order to "be good"- is just another silly recipe for disaster. What gives us the idea that we can beat it now?

The Three Stages of Recovery

on Thursday, 12 November 2015. Posted in 12 Step Attitude

When you’re struggling with the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction, life can become pretty tough. You want to get free from such, but it’s been harder than you think. Still, millions of men and women have gotten sober and clean through recovery and a good bit of hard work.

So can you.

Getting into recovery can be a lifesaver! The first thing you must do is recognize that you have a problem and then reach out for help. When you do this, you can begin the recovery journey.

There are three stages of recovery that you’ll encounter on your journey:

• The Withdrawal Stage
• The Happy Stage
• The Recovery Stage

Stage 1: The Withdrawal Stage
The very first stage will entail you going through some sort of withdrawal. It is a good idea to attend a detox center if you’ve been using hard drugs or drinking a lot of alcohol, as the withdrawal symptoms can be intense. Of course, the intensity of withdrawal symptoms will largely depend on how often you used and the amount. At a detox center, you’ll be able to be monitored and receive counseling during the detox phase, which can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days normally. During detox you may experience withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, sweating, irritability, nausea, anxiety, sleep disruptions, and body ached. Take heart though; these symptoms shall pass.

Stage 2: The Happiness Stage
Many in recovery hit the happiness stage once detox has been completed. When the toxic chemicals are out of your body, you just feel better and more hopeful about life. You are happy that you are no longer drinking or drugging and life takes on a new meaning. Sure, some anxiety may arise during this stage, but that’s normal. This stage can last for a while and leads you right into the third stage.

Stage 3: The Recovery Stage
In the recovery stage you’ll be actively working on improving your life while staying clean. This is the stage you’ll be in from here on out. During this stage you ought to be as active as you can in your recovery plan, whether that includes a 12 Step program, spiritual program, counseling, etc. Here you will take one at a time and continue experiencing the serenity that the support groups talk about.

One thing is for sure: recovery is a life saver! Join the millions of men and women around the world who have taken control of their lives and are walking the road of recovery. You can get free and you certainly can experience peace and joy.


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The Two Men

on Monday, 16 February 2015. Posted in Turning it Over, 12 Step Attitude

Two people approach a crossroad in the city of Rome.

Transcending the Temptation

on Sunday, 20 September 2015. Posted in Inspiration , Motivation, 12 Step Attitude

"Thanks for letting me share..."


on Thursday, 01 October 2015. Posted in Inspiration , Motivation, 12 Step Attitude

There is a safe landing ahead

Turning the Ship Around

on Sunday, 08 March 2015. Posted in Step 3

Understanding the power behind step 3.

What Can Recovery Do For Me?

on Monday, 07 September 2015. Posted in Questions & Answers, 12 Step Attitude, Stories

'In recovery I have learned that I can get from my relationship with G-d everything that I ever wanted to get out of my addiction. When I give myself up to G-d, it doesn't hurt so much to be "me" anymore.'

What do you do on Sunday's?

on Thursday, 10 September 2015. Posted in Step 1, 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

All our busy activity is just a cover up.

What Else Are You Hanging on To?

on Sunday, 20 September 2015. Posted in Inspiration , Step 2, 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

If you are having a tough time getting to G-d, take a tough and honest look at what you are really still hanging onto instead of Him.

What is your plan?

on Thursday, 12 March 2015. Posted in Turning it Over, 12 Step Attitude

Someone in recovery shares his heartfelt words to those of us grappling with our addiction...

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