What Else Are You Hanging on To?

on Sunday, 20 September 2015. Posted in Step 2, Inspiration , 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

If you are having a tough time getting to G-d, take a tough and honest look at what you are really still hanging onto instead of Him.

There is no shame here.

We know that many of us hang onto money, food, other people, whatever... and they serve them instead of G-d. Most people can get away with that and remain essentially good,religious people.

But not us. We can't afford to play that game. At least we can't tolerate it as well as normals can.

And this is "working" step 2 ("We came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity").

As a result of working step 2 - out of the need to remain sober at all costs - we can begin to find a relationship with G-d that can go with us everywhere. Even under our blankets on a cold morning when we are feeling like crapola and don't want to do anything! Even when we slip into self-absorption and self-pity. Even when life hurts like crazy... we can still be with Him, talk to Him and He can help me be useful to Him and to people! Because He is at least nearer to the center of "my universe," now.

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