The Only Thing That Matters

on Sunday, 23 August 2015. Posted in Step 1, Inspiration , 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

For an addict, trying to avoid or overpower their drug in order to "be good"- is just another silly recipe for disaster. What gives us the idea that we can beat it now?

Usually, we maintained the struggle just to keep my drug in our lives. Because when actually faced with the option to give it up, we found ourselves absolutely terrified! Besides, struggling with "evil" is exactly how we became as screwed up as we are! An addict does not win, and the struggle invariably becomes a dance. We are not supposed to dance with our drug, are we? The way the AA's put it was this: "My very best thinking is what brought me here". Uh oh!

So, if you make up your own mind that you are tired of failing at being "good" and are ready to give-up beating your head into a wall and feeling sorry for yourself about the severe headache, we may then have something to talk about. It may even be wise. For in our experience, Recovery is about Freedom and being with G-d, not about our own strength and our own goodness. For an addict, that's just more foolishness.

And that's where the steps begin.

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