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TOPIC: Persistence Pays Off

Persistence Pays Off 7 years 6 months ago #16

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In order to be successful, you’ve got to be willing to pay a price. Success doesn’t just come out of nowhere or fall from the sky. It’s also normally not just handed to someone. If you want success in any area of your life, you’re going to have to follow certain principles known for increasing your chances of being successful.

If you talk to successful men and women, most of them will tell you that the reason they are successful is because they did several things. They created goals and made a plan to achieve them. They worked super hard and didn’t let obstacles or setbacks keep them down. They plodded through doubts, fears, and ignored the nay sayers. They took action!

Persistence pays off
If you want to accomplish a goal, it’s important to keep in mind that persistence pays off. If you give up at the slightest resistance, you’ll never get anywhere. Even when times are tough, you’ll have to dig deep and muster up some persistence to keep driving toward your goals. Success isn’t built in a day; it’s a journey. It begins with an idea or a dream and then action steps are taken toward the fulfillment of that dream.

Get a plan
Think about what it is you really want in life, whether it’s career, a relationship, freedom, or a vacation. Make a list of your dreams and desires and then get to work creating a plan to see your goals achieved. Sometimes it’s much more effective to see your goals and plan on paper than if you just think about them. I advise you to keep that action plan visible so that you can see it daily to serve as a reminder to keep moving forward with your actions. Decide that you will pay the price and do what it takes to achieve your goals. Go after them with vigor and enthusiasm!

Start wherever you are
No matter what your past has been or where you are right now, you can begin today to create an action plan toward success. Whether you’re 16 or 68, you can begin dreaming new dreams and actively pursue them. Go ahead and research other successful men and women and read about their journey to success. Best-selling authors didn’t become phenomenal writers over night. They climbed the ladder to success little by little and probably received many rejection notices in the meantime. In fact, it’s safe to assume that highly successful people encounter setbacks regularly, but they don’t let those setbacks keep them from moving forward. They learn from them and then figure out a way to keep plodding forward. This is what you must do.

Are you willing to sacrifice?
What are you willing to sacrifice to accomplish the goals you want to accomplish? Are you willing to forego some sleep, family time, television, internet, relaxation time, etc? If you desire success, chances are you may have to sacrifice something in order to get it. For example, if you want to start your own business selling animal supplies, you might have to work your job that you have now and work additional hours at the animal store until it begins to draw in enough money to live on. Are you willing to sacrifice that time? Is your family alright with you taking time away from them to begin your new career?

There’s no doubt that persistence pays off. Talk to successful men and women and they’ll tell you that even though they felt like giving up at times due to a variety of reasons, they persisted. They developed a habit of persistence and that quality helped them get to where they are now. Are you willing to go for it? Will you sit down and create a plan? Take action? Pay the price and sacrifice what you need to? If so, you’re already well on your way to a successful journey.
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