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TOPIC: Can you psychically see Withdrawal?

Can you psychically see Withdrawal? 8 years 6 months ago #15

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Drug abuse takes a hard toll on the body. Withdrawing from drugs can be just as damaging to a drug user as the addiction, in some cases. Internal organs are affected. Perhaps damage is being done to the heart. The brain goes through a starvation of the drug and may cause convulsions. The internal effects are many but not readily noticed by others. What physical characteristics does someone in withdrawals go through?

In the beginning of the withdrawal process, the physical withdrawal symptom are severe. You might notice someone who is sweating profusely. This symptom alone is not only associated with withdrawal. It would have to be paired with another symptom to cause awareness. This person might also have a racing heart, chest tightness, difficulty breathing and be vomiting. Again, these symptoms are not only indicating drug withdrawal, as they are classic signs of a heart attack. Someone of a young age would most likely be suffering drug withdrawal than a heart attack, so age needs to be taken into account. Indeed a younger person might have a heart condition, so it is always best to assume heart problems unless told by the person in distress they are a drug abuser.

Post withdrawal symptoms on the road to recovery may present in more psychological symptoms. Someone is moody or anxious. Perhaps they have trouble sleeping or a lack of enthusiasm. Of course these are more noticeable in someone who was previously outgoing and cheerful. Again, these symptoms mimic someone in depression. A doctor’s intervention would be necessary to assess and treat all these conditions.


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