Will We Ever Find What We Seek?

on Thursday, 01 October 2015. Posted in Step 1, Turning it Over, Inspiration , Step 2, Step 3, 12 Step Attitude, The Steps, Step 11

What do we seek in the drug-of-our-choice? It is our subconscious that is craving true love and true security. There's a deep need inside of us that we desperately attempt to fill with that ‘drug’. But that drug never fills it, and can NEVER fill it. It leaves us feeling empty and disillusioned.

So are we destined to run after this deep subconscious need our whole lives and never find what we are TRULY looking for? Isn't that cruel of G-d? Why? Why must we suffer so? So many people run their whole lives desperately trying to fill this need with things that "look like" they hold the answer to this need, at least somewhat... But they never find it... What is the meaning of it all? Why are the things that look so good to us really so bad for us? Why is the world so cruel?

The answer, my friend, is right in the room with you now. There is no need to run after anything, anything at all. He is right there and He loves you infinitely. And He is just waiting for you to give yourself completely over to Him.

By giving up the things that "seem so good" but aren't, do we learn how to give up our "self-will" and connect to G-d in the deepest way.

Yes, we truly can find pleasure, comfort and security that we only dreamed could exist by choosing to act out. For He is the source of all good, all pleasure, all security, all beauty, all love. The subconscious need that we had all our lives is really a "G-d hole" inside of us... All that we seek can truly be found in Him.

When we give ourselves over to Him 100%, we can finally start to feel it. Everything we ever thought we needed and craved, is there in Him.

May G-d help us lose ourselves in His loving embrace for all eternity.


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