Saying 'Thank You' to Hashem

on Monday, 16 February 2015. Posted in Attitude of Gratitude, 12 Step Attitude, Stories

I’m just a simple Jew, but one thing I have been working on a lot over this past year is being thankful to Hashem. I’ve also been preaching this idea a lot to those around me. As a matter of fact, I just talked about it yesterday in detail with a close friend, and TODAY he told me that he started saying thank you all day to Hashem because of our conversation!

So anyway, today I just happened to go to to listen to a lecture while I work on the computer. I think this is the first time that I ever did that, as I barely get a chance to learn Torah. I chose the topic of Emunah and then I randomly selected a video; the 4th lecture from the top of the long list of 100 lectures on each page. It’s called "Say Thank You". So I click it and this video is the first Torah speech I ever listened to on my computer.

Turns out, the video is all about how we should thank Hashem for everything, all the time, both the good and the bad that happens to us in our lives.

How amazing is it that the first Torah speech I listen to on my computer is all about the one thing that I’ve been working so hard on! Pretty amazing how Hashem is sending me the message with this video that this is the way to go and that I’m onto something good! :)

In the shiur he made a nice point. We thank Hashem for good and bad because everything Hashem does with us, even that which seems bad to us, is really in our best interest. Even if we can’t see it now or in this world, one day we will see it.

I think you will enjoy this lecture. My brother and I have been working on this mentality for about a year now, and we have seen how it has completely changed our lives!

Anyone who adopts this way of thinking and constantly thanks Hashem for all the big and little things that He gives us, is guaranteed that their life will be sooooo much happier, more enjoyable, with sooooo much less stress, worry, anxiety and pain.

I wish for all of you to see the incredible transformation that saying "Thank you" can have on your life as well. 


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  • Gabe


    16 February 2015 at 18:55 |
    VERY COOL! I attend weekly meetings and I can fully attest to how big a part gratitude plays in the lives of recovering addicts. It is mentioned every 30 seconds. Recovery groups feel sometimes 100x more religious than any religious group I have ever encountered, due in a large part to the gratitude that they project. Very inspirational. This gratitude is necessary for our survival as well as a natural by-product of being rescued from the depths of hopelessness and hell that led ppl to the rooms of recovery as a last resort.


  • Malki


    16 February 2015 at 19:01 |
    This reminded me of something amazing I heard this past Shabbos.

    Imagine that there's a multimillionaire who takes a dying man from the slums of India, brings him to England, and nurses him back to health. He provides food, clothing and a shelter. The dying man is totally indebted to this man for saving his life. He owes his very existence to him and there is nothing that he could do which would be sufficient enough to show his gratitude. If the man would ask him to be his slave for the rest of his life, he would have no choice but to graciously accept that.

    This can be compared to G-d's relationship with man. The more we explore the human body we see how He is keeping us alive every second- for one thing to go wrong would mean instant death. There is NOTHING we could do which would be enough to show our gratitude to Him. Therefore, how can we say that we don't want to do the small things He asks of us; to put a mezuzah on our doorposts, to say morning prayers, to control our base animalistic desires... It's not even like He is asking us to be His slave forever; everything He asks of us doesn't benefit Him at all- only US. It's like the multimillionaire PAYING the man he rescued for the rest of his life. He gets the benefit of being rescued from death, as well as continual benefit by being comfortably sustained!


  • Idit


    16 February 2015 at 19:28 |
    R' Avigdor Miller zatza"l, my very first Rebbi, taught me this principle foremost. After listening to THOUSANDS and thousands [no exaggeration] of his tapes over the years, this principle got "into my kishkes". This principle is the "foundation on which Emuna rests", it is this very one principle that I have been working on the most throughout my 60+ years and even tried to instill into my kids as they grew up. The writer is right. This WILL change your life in many ways, give you JOY and also a certain mental stability that will allow you to always grow further.


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