Marshmallow Experiment

on Monday, 21 September 2015. Posted in Inspiration , Motivation, 12 Step Attitude

We need to refrain from that enticing nibble.

There is an online study called the "Marshmallow Experiment" (with footage).

In it, children are given a marshmallow and told that they can either eat it immediately, or wait a few minutes, at which point they will receive a second one. It was fascinating, funny and interesting all at once, but mostly it's scary. The children each take their own approach to refrain from eating it immediately, and some succeed in fully waiting for the second. Some can't resist a nibble, and some swallow it right away in one bite.

Scarier still, are how differently the lives of those who were able to wait turned out. These children, when interviewed at age 18, had drastically more positive lives of growth and emotional health in many areas.

We are those children. We need to refrain from that enticing nibble, knowing that the sacrifice is well worth it for the real connection that we build with G-d, every time, as our reward. There is no greater feeling.

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