Keep Walking...

on Thursday, 19 March 2015. Posted in Inspiration , Poems, Motivation

Keep Walking...
Barbara Aldrich

Here we stand together,

Dressed in our pain,

Covered with scars

From wounds we did not ask for

Or deserve.

So what now?

We can't go back and relive our lives.

We can't take back the innocence we lost

Or make the sadness we felt into happiness.

But we can go on from here,

So let us start.

Stretch out your hand to mine,

Close your eyes

And slowly let the pain slip away.

Let go of the sadness;

It belongs to yesterday,

And let's walk.

The earth is firm beneath our feet.

The sun is warm on our face.

Heavenly Father sees our struggle,

Smiles at our effort,

And sends us strength.

My friends, we can't stay, looking back,

Lest we falter.

We must face forward,

Eyes wide open,

And keep on walking.

Hold tight and don't let go;

You aren't walking alone,

And neither am I.

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