Euphoric Recall

on Wednesday, 19 August 2015. Posted in 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

Psychological addiction can cause people to remember only the fun of substance abuse while ignoring the problems. This can make relapse hard to avoid.

When we have an exciting memory of something we've seen or done, it's called euphoric recall. That's bad for our disease. But we tend to remember only the good parts. We need to try and remember the bad parts as well, and associate the memory with the bad parts. And the bad parts are the real truth, because if it was so good, why did we need it again so soon afterward? When we eat a good steak, we don't feel desire for another good steak for at least a few days! So why do we need it again so fast? Because the bad parts, like the time we wasted, the smells, the money, the damage we caused, that is the REAL truth.

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