'Decent' Day

on Sunday, 23 August 2015. Posted in 12 Step Attitude, The Steps

What does a decent day look like for an addict?

For us, having "a decent day" means that we were useful to whoever we could be useful to.

That list includes:

God (by noticing Him, using Him, and caring about what He says),

Ourselves (by staying sober and avoiding the tortures of acting out, self-pity, resentment and other stupid but quite natural crapola),

Our spouse (or spouses, if you are Muslim or Mormon :-),

Our children (if you got 'em),

The people we work for (by doing our jobs to help them),

The people we work with (by respecting and spreading pleasantness),

The people who treat us like garbage (cuz they are sick in the head),

Our families (by just being present and giving),

Our friends,

The people in the places of worship we pray in (like by praying on time, and politely, perhaps)

The cashiers (by not being a jerk)


Goodness gracious! There are a lot of ways we can live to be helpful... but the main things are to be be helpful and giving to G-d, to ourselves, and to those we are beholden to most of the time. That's why writing out gratitude lists are such a mainstay of sanity.

For us, staying sober is the bottom line requirement for being useful. Acting out always, always screws up our lives. So to stay useful, we need His help to keep away from the curiosity and stupidity (lying) that would get me back into it.

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